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Post-Sales Care:
Post-sales care is complimentary for 5 months from date of issue and
covers natural defects only. For damaged items, atelier assessment and
servicing is also provided. Our jewelry is special. Care must be taken
to avoid unnecessary damage from wear and tear and breakage from
mishandling is not considered a fault.  In all cases customer is
responsible for shipping both ways.

For care inquiries, please contact:

Include in email:

. photograph of the piece
. date and place of purchase
. copy of card of provenance showing the edition no. and date.
. brief description of issue

Our studio will review email information and follow-up with assessment
and instructions. Should a repair be initiated, we reserve right to
repair or replace at its discretion. We give assessment of costs and
method of repair only once we receive the piece in question.

Note: While pleased to offer servicing, shipping costs are not included.